By far the strongest motorcycle tire brand…

Tire sales are responsible for a significant portion of our overall service revenue. It is our belief that if you have your customer’s tire business, you have most all of their other motorcycle business.

The Dunlop brand is by far the strongest motorcycle tire brand in our market. Dunlop’s marketing efforts drive tire business to our store. I would say 90-percent of our customers are looking for the Dunlop brand when they ask about tires. I think what distinguishes Dunlop from other brands is the quality and performance of the product as well as Dunlop’s relationships with manufacturers. As a Harley store, I can tell you it’s also important to most of our customers that Dunlop tires are made in the U.S.A.

I have been a Dunlop dealer since 1978. Today, Dunlop accounts for 90-percent of our overall tire sales annually. They are very important to our business.

Terry Rymer General Manager / Co-Owner
Black Hills Harley-Davidson
Rapid City, South Dakota