Alexander Smith General Manager
Malcolm Smith Motorsports
Riverside, California
Alexander’s pro dealer experience:

When our customers see Dunlop, they see a premium brand…

My dad had a mentality to sell in the dealership what he was riding on, so we’ve always sold Dunlop tires. There’s a lot of brand recognition and a lot of strength to the brand, and I think that makes the sale a lot easier. It’s really important that our customers see a brand they are familiar with. Tire sales are a significant part of our business, and we sell premium products here. When our customers see Dunlop, they see a premium brand.

Dunlop’s racing heritage and continuing efforts bring back that old saying, “What wins on Sunday sells on Monday.” Brands like Dunlop that do a lot of competitive events and market that competitiveness do a lot better in our dealership because our customers recognize it and connect to the aggressive, competitive side of the brand.

Consumers today are extremely well informed, and where a product is made is increasingly important. Made in America is a movement that continues to grow. When a customer sees that, they are more likely to make that purchase and feel good about buying an American product, so having tires that are made in America helps distinguish Dunlop from other brands.

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